About Michael

Michael is an entrepreneur, cinematographer, and storyteller. He started his video career by telling the stories of small local businesses with a cheap camera he bought on eBay. He used his skills and experience to build a successful video production company, and then a content marketing agency. Through his career, he has had the opportunity to work with clients ranging from Grammy award winning producers to national non-profits, including St. Jude Children’s research hospital, Post Cereals, American Cancer Society, MTV, and AB/Inbev.

Michael is the Co-founder and Chief Creative at SLAM! Agency, A content marketing agency that helps brands realize and reach their highest potential through branded video content, social media, and paid amplification. He documents his journey building SLAM! Agency through his vlog on youtube (, and also co-hosts and produces a national podcast called Innovation City. Michael is a firm believer in the powerful emotional connection videos make, leveraging that connection in every aspect of production, and empowering people to tell stories from their own unique perspectives. Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram @youareanalogue.

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